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In the Words of an Enchanted Transgender Client:

"I was unsure of how tight lacing worked, the results to expect, and the time frame in which to expect them.  However, after a brief conversation with Lisa Marie, I was able to gain much insight in regards to corset training and tight lacing.  She promptly addressed all of my questions and concerns, as well as helped me set goals and timelines.... On the day I picked up my corset, I was pleased to find a detailed tutorial from Lisa Marie....  It fits like a dream, is well made, and has meticulous attention to detail - a work of art!


Within two months of wearing my tight lacing corset, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the shape of my body.  I have lost an inch off my natural waistline and am the recipient of many flattering compliments from my friends." (read full testimonial)


Transgender corset training - Enchanted Custom Corsets


Lisa Marie, of Enchanted Custom Corsets, is an experienced corsetiere known as much for the quality of her customer service as she is for the quality of her work (read testimonials here). Located in the gender diverse community of Portland, Oregon, Lisa Marie has been honored to serve several clients along their journeys toward gender confirmation and expression.

"In this world of poorly constructed clothing designed and sewn by those with little regard for quality or what the customer needs, Enchanted is, indeed, a rare jewel."

~ An Enchanted non-binary client


A well-made custom corset changes how you walk, sit, and feel - embracing and supporting you, lending confidence and an elegant silhouette. How our clothes fit, and how we carry ourselves when we enter a space is significantly affected by a made-to-measure corset. You deserve to look and feel your best, at all times! So contact Enchanted today to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, or to schedule a consultation.


Lisa Marie treats all clients professionally, using the name and appropriate gender pronoun provided when you contact Enchanted.

Providing transitioning, genderqueer, and non-binary clients with the dramatic and immediate transformation of a well-made custom corset is a meaningful experience for Lisa Marie, and one which she is grateful to be entrusted with.


If you've never been measured and fitted for a custom corset, it is somewhat of an intimate experience. Measurements are generally taken against the skin, so please wear foundation garments that represent what you would typically wear with your corset and that you are comfortable with Lisa Marie seeing. You may also wear leggings or tights, or whatever you are most comfortable with, as long as the clothing does not interfere with measurements.

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