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Enchanted Custom Corsets black overbust

"I absolutely adore my new corset from Enchanted. My corset accentuates all the proper areas and it fits perfectly; snug but comfortable. It is sexy, but also elegant. Lisa Marie was very professional and fantastic to work with. I appreciated all the personal time she took to assist me in choosing the appropriate fabric and she made excellent suggestions regarding my mock-up. She is very knowledgeable about corsets and her designs are beautiful. I am so impressed with the quality craftsmanship and her attention to detail that I have already started planning a new waist cincher. I highly recommend Enchanted to anyone looking to purchase a corset; it is well worth the money!"


~ Amanda

Enchanted Custom Corsets steampunk ensembe

"In a world of “Instant”, “Now”, and “On Demand”, it is nice to find an establishment like Enchanted that follows “Old World” techniques, aesthetics, and craftswomanship. My waist cincher fits me as if it’s an extension of me, not just a prop, and is as beautiful on the inside as the outside in the true tradition of Haute Couture. If you’re in the market for a custom corset ….I’d highly recommend Enchanted Corsets……"

~ Shelley

Close up of Enchanted Custom Corset lacing

"I love my corset! I wear it almost everyday. It's absolutely beautiful, and I get so many compliments when I wear it. So many people have asked if I've lost weight, and when I show the corset off, everyone wants to know where I got it. You did such a great job. It's perfect all the way down to the little meticulous details, including the custom garters. And no one else has one like it, which is awesome. I'm really impressed. Thanks so much!"

~ Mary Jane

Enchanted Custom Corset with hand-sewn rhinestones

"Prior to my corset from Enchanted, I had NO IDEA how clothes should fit!! Now I have a beautiful corset that fits perfectly and a gorgeous skirt that get me compliments everywhere I go. Not only did she do beautiful work, she put endless effort into making sure it was exactly what I wanted, even though I chose tricky fabric and had a really fuzzy image at the start of the project.... I would (and do) recommend Enchanted for all of your custom apparel needs."

~ Heather

Enchanted Custom Corset Tight Lacing model, Nostalgia

"For 24/7 tightlacing, a high quality made to fit corset is imperative to both comfort and health. 

These are the only corsets I trust for my daily use.

Strong, beautiful, and finely crafted, nothing could be more worth the investment."

~ Nostalgia

Tightlacing Testimonials
Waist Training Corset by Enchanted Corsets

 "My corsets from Enchanted have incredible comfort and lift, with a slimming profile that is way easier than dieting.  With the waist training my cincher acheives, I love going out and showing it off.  It also looks great on it's own - while not recomended for general public consumption, the boy seems to like it!  Fun process in helping to create just what I wanted.  Now, I am looking forward to getting an overbust." 

~ Jane

Gender Expression Inclusive Testimonials

"I have worn seven custom-made corsets in my 12 years of tight lacing, and the two made by Enchanted Corsets are by far the best. 

In fact, there is really no comparison - Lisa Marie’s corsets fit far better, reflecting not only her skill but the time she takes to create a mock up and make the necessary adjustments.  This professional approach results in a waist training corset which fits wonderfully from day one (my previous corsetiere just took measurements and went straight to construction, and there was a break-in period of a month or so before I could wear them 24/7). 


I really like the heavy satin laces - they don’t knot, and are sturdy enough for daily wear, definitely worth the extra $30. 

Beyond making beautiful and incredibly well-fitting corsets, Lisa Marie is a great person to work with - she was helpful and supportive at every stage and made the entire process very enjoyable.  I am already looking forward to my next Enchanted corset!"

~ Dave

Crossdressing corset - Enchanted Custom Corsets

"I was unsure of how tight lacing worked, the results to expect, and the time frame in which to expect them.  However, after a brief conversation with Lisa Marie, I was able to gain much insight in regards to corset training and tight lacing.  She promptly addressed all of my questions and concerns, as well as helped me set goals and timelines.... I then scheduled an appointment for my consultation and measurements.  

The consultation was quite a pleasant experience.  Lisa Marie took exacting measurements, and I was able to customize my corset, from color, to fabric, busk, and laces.  We then scheduled a date for a mock-up fitting to ensure my corset was tailored to the exact shape of my body.  The mock-up fit me better than any other corset I have worn, so I knew that the final product would be fantastic!

trans corset client - Enchanted Custom Corsets

On the day I picked up my corset, I was pleased to find a nicely wrapped box containing my garment, as well as a detailed tutorial from Lisa Marie on how to lace my corset.  It fits like a dream, is well made, and has meticulous attention to detail - a work of art!


Within two months of wearing my tight lacing corset, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the shape of my body.  I have lost an inch off my natural waistline and am the recipient of many flattering compliments from my friends.  Also, my natural posture became impeccable, my back pain alleviated, and my sleep greatly improved from wearing the corset through the night.


I am quite pleased with my corset, and anticipate buying another one soon."

~ Vanna

Trans Corset - Enchanted Custom Corsets
Enchanted Custom Corsets bridal ensemble
Enchated Custom Corsets wedding corset and one of three matchin skirts

"Lisa Marie came to my rescue when the person that was supposed to make my wedding corset wasn’t coming through and the wedding was soon approaching. She made me the most fabulous corset and matching skirts in plenty of time for the wedding. My corset transformed my body to one with enviable contours and was comfortable enough to wear for more than ten hours. Every time we see our friends there is always a conversation about how fabulous my dress was. Since my wedding, Lisa Marie has made me several more beautiful corsets including a corset/gown and an under-bust corset that I can wear with anything."


~ Jennifer

Bridal Testimonials
Enchated Custom Corsets Sapphire Blue Wedding Gown

"Having a custom-made ensemble for my wedding made the day perfect. I have a very curvy figure and never would've found an off-the-shelf dress that fits. The fitting process was precise and timely and Lisa Marie was very flexible and resourceful in making my vision a reality. I came to her with oddly-sized pieces of fabric and she made an absolutely wonderful gown for me. My gown consisted of a paneled skirt with a train and an overbust corset made of sapphire blue silk, some of which was embroidered with a vine pattern. Everyone complimented me on how stunning it was. I would highly recommend working with Enchanted Corsets on your wedding ensemble; nothing from a store will come anywhere close to the quality and fit that you will get from Enchanted."

~ Melanie

Enchanted Custom medical corset

"I love my corsets - of course they are both gorgeous and make me look like a curvaceous, hot young thing - despite my 51 years on the planet! 

What I really want to share is how much better my back feels when I wear my corset.  After having five babies, my left SI (sacroiliac) joint was overly mobile and resulted in daily excruciating pain.  I also had a large abdominal muscle separation (rectus diastasis), leaving my back weak and unable to compensate for the hip instability.  A friend of mine had surgery to rejoin her muscles, but after wearing my first Enchanted corset for about six weeks I noticed that the huge gap had closed!  I don't know how much the surgery cost, but my corset certainly saved me a bundle and all the time and pain of a surgical repair.  My corset gives me such stability and gorgeous posture that my back problems are greatly diminished, only recurring if I do too much without wearing it. 

Now that I have two corsets, I can use the older, slightly larger one when hiking or working and be very comfortable - I can even snowshoe or do other fairly strenuous activities.  Corseting has become a regular part of my life and I am already fantasizing about the next one, so get your swatches ready!"

~ Justine

Medical Corsets, back support - Enchanted Custom Corsets

"In 2008, I had a full spinal fusion procedure, excluding only my neck. At the time of the surgery, my physicians were not aware that even though they corrected my spine, my ribcage was going to continue to expand into an oblong shape. Nine years later, I would soon be unable to fully to inflate my right lung, and I had pain running down my right arm as my nerves were drawn tight around my warped rib cage.  My doctor said that current rib support braces are not very effective for women as they do not accommodate the breasts. He suggested that a modern corset might offer the support I need, and hence I found Lisa Marie of Enchanted Corsets.  


Lisa Marie was incredibly knowledgable and designed a piece that was supportive in all the right ways. The first few days of wearing my attractive black brocade corset were a little uncomfortable, as I wasn’t used to wearing such a form fitting garment.  However, since the initial break in period, I feel far better than I have in years. The nerve problems are almost entirely gone and the support to my ribcage has prevented it from further warping, even resulting in some correction to my alignment.


I now wear my corset three to four days a week and feel much more confident about the future of my physical body. I highly recommend Lisa Marie as a designer, as well as a source for possible spinal support corsets."


~ Bailey

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