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Crossdresser | Non Binary | Gender Fluid | Genderqueer

However you identify, you deserve to feel beautiful!

non binary waist trainer modeled by gender fluid client of Enchanted Custm Corsets

Modeling a new waist-trainer (which is the only time your corset laces should not be parallel!) is a long-time tightlacing client and runway model for Enchanted Custom Corsets.

In the past, people were often limited by the gender they were assigned at birth, and by the roles society dictated. Thankfully, that's changing. And, Lisa Marie of Enchanted takes pride in contributing to that change, and is privileged to assist you in expressing your true Self.


Lisa Marie treats all of her clients professionally, using the name and appropriate gender pronoun provided when you contact Enchanted.

Whether it to be to feminize your figure, support breast forms under a strapless dress, waist train for body transformation, or just because a well made corset is sexy and feels great, Lisa Marie cares that you receive the highest quality corset and customer service.  No shame, no judgement, and a real human being who accepts you and wants to help you be your best Self.  

Measurements are generally taken against the skin - please wear foundation garments that represent what you would typically wear with your corset and that you are comfortable with Lisa Marie seeing.  You may also wear leggings or tights, or whatever you are most comfortable with, as long as the clothing does not interfere with measurements.


This is a very special, custom made garment that will change how you walk, sit, and feel - embracing and supporting you, lending confidence and an elegant silhouette.  How our clothes fit, and how we carry ourselves when we enter a space is significantly affected by a made-to-measure corset.  You deserve to look and feel your best, at all times!  So contact Enchanted today to ask any questions and schedule a consultation.

"I have worn seven custom-made corsets in my 12 years of tight lacing, and the two made by Enchanted Corsets are by far the best....

Beyond making beautiful and incredibly well-fitting corsets, Lisa Marie is a great person to work with - she was helpful and supportive at every stage and made the entire process very enjoyable.  I am already looking forward to my next Enchanted corset!"  (read full testimonial)

~ Dave

Crossdressing corset - Enchanted Custom Corsets
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