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Lisa Marie

Enchanted Custom Corsets

Owner and Head Corsetiere

Enchated Custom Corsets head corsetiere, Lisa Marie

"Enchanted's corsetiere, Lisa Marie, is equally gifted in both sewing expertise and outstanding customer service. When fashioning my personal corset, she was so accomodating and thorough to make sure I was happy." (read more testimonials)



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Enchanted Custom Corsets was established by Lisa Marie in Portland, Oregon in January of 2007.  The source for custom corsets, as well as other, hard-to-find garments, when nothing short of perfect will do.

Constructed from start to finish in Portland, Oregon, USA, you can rest assured that your corset or other special garment is made with love and dignity, care and discipline. 

All clothing is made to the client's specifications, for the client's measurements, and for the client's pleasure. YOU get to decide what color, what period, what length, and what fabric. This includes a full mockup and fitting (a rough draft made from coutil), and construction of the garment does not start until you are completely satisfied with the fit.  

All garments commissioned from Enchanted are meticulously hand crafted - no detail overlooked, no corners cut.  


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Enchanted Custom Corsets' owner, Lisa Marie, in custom Victorian ensemble

Lisa Marie in her custom Marie Antoinette gown - black silk dupioni overdress, sequined black lace cuffs, gold lace overlay, and red silk dupioni underskirt.  Worn with Enchanted overbust corset under the whole ensemble for the period waistline.  Photo by Circle 23.

Lisa Marie learned how to sew in 1st grade, when she made a quilt from scraps collected by her teacher, and continued to sew by hand until she acquired a sewing machine at the ripe age of 20.  Many quilts, coats, dresses, skirts and even machinery covers later (plus a BS in Bioresource Research), she finally admitted that she is an artist at heart and an engineer by design, and chose to pursue a career that embraced both (seemingly opposite) aspects of her personality.


Through personal experience, she knew that finding corsets that are comfortable and fit well is almost impossible, and so decided to specialize in custom corsets, made for the unique body of one person and one person only - the client who ordered it! 

Utilizing her background in engineering and problem solving, combined with a generous portion of creativity and people skills, she has made hundreds of fully custom corsets and wedding ensembles, and participated in several fashion shows.

Lisa Marie insists that Enchanted designs be both comfortable and beautiful, and believes that dressing with elegance does not have to be overly time consuming. Her goal is to dispel the popular myth that corsets are uncomfortable, and to inspire people everywhere to take pride in their daily apparel, to show their individuality while sharing the ever changing art of fashion. 

With more than 35 years of experience, Lisa Marie has a gift for helping her clients find a design that suits them, so they can go forth with confidence and grace. For Lisa Marie, every day is a special occasion, and you are the star of the party!

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