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Wedding Corsets

Enchanted Custom Corsets wedding foundaton corset

Enchanted knows it is imperative that you look your best for your wedding, and how your dress fits (and stays up as you walk down the aisle) begins with your foundation garments.

Anyone who has ever worn a strapless bra knows that they only work if you don't move and wear a B cup or smaller. Shapewear like Spanx® doesn't do much in the first place and digs and bulges where the garment stops.


A custom corset provides engineered support that works with your natural beauty and against gravity. An Enchanted custom corset makes your day about YOU, not fighting to keep your dress up.

What Your Custom Corset Will Do For You!

Overall, what you don't see under your dress can make all the difference in how you look and feel, during the wedding and after!

Custom corseted wedding gown by Enchanted Custom Corsets
  • Be confident! Your corset will keep "the girls" from migrating southward, along with your dress. Hence, no hitching or fidgeting!

  • Be beautiful! Achieve a gorgeous silhouette with comfort and skip the binge diet!

  • Be sexy! This isn't your Grandma's corset, so your bridal corset needn't stay in the shadows!  Wear your corset after the wedding as a lovely gift wrap for your mate. Matching, adjustable, detachable garters are available to make this garment super hot!

  • Be savvy! Your corset can be worn under a blazer for a night out with the girls, a fun anniversary, or just for giggles.

  • Stand tall! Your corset will provide posture that Grandma will be proud of, even after a several hours of celebrating.

Overall, what you don't see under your dress can make all the difference in how you look and feel, during the wedding and after!

The Enchanted Bridal Corset Process

No matter what kind of wedding dress you are wearing, you will want to make sure it fits absolutely perfectly.   That's why Enchanted offers unlimited consultations when you have a corset made for under your wedding dress, including:

  • Initial meeting with bride and the mother of the bride (MOB) or maid/matron of honor (MOH)

  • As much time as necessary to design and refine your vision

  • Measurements with and without wedding gown so that your corset doesn't interfere with the top of your gown AND stands well alone!

  • Fittings as needed, with and without gown

  • Fitting of finished corset with and without bridal dress

  • Lacing lesson (at time of delivery) for MOH or MOB so that someone knows how to properly lace you into your corset on the big day

  • Collaboration with whatever other seamstress you have working on your dress, whether it be Mom or a professional

Prices vary depending on fabric desired, size, location, and timeline to completion.

Contact Enchanted today to schedule your first personal consultation! 

Enchanted Bridal Ensembles

Bespoke wedding gown with corset top and red silk skirt bustled with real pearls, hand-sewn
Corset and skirt wedding ensemble red with white lace overlay - Enchanted Custom Corsets
Custom bridal ensemble of overbust corset and matching skirt in ivory satin with black trim and accents

Are you looking for ensemble in something besides white?

Do you have a vision in mind that you just aren't finding in the boutiques?

Maybe you just want a simple silhouette of an overbust corset and matching skirt?

Find your solution by contacting Enchanted Custom Corsets today!

Corsetry to Make Your Day

Since most women have never worn a real corset that fits properly, let me tell you a little about how it feels: FANTASTIC!  A good custom corset is worth its weight in gold because it not only gives you the flat tummy, little waist, and lift that is associated with a corset, but also improves posture and confidence.  So many of my clients are absolutely shocked to find that their corset is not only far more comfortable than expected, but also makes them feel taller, stronger, and sexier!

Underbust to Slim Your Waistline

An underbust corset is used to whittle the waistline, usually by anywhere from two to four inches, depending on the needs of the client and their body type.  This will accentuate your waist, making your bust and hips appear proportionately bigger and giving you the coveted hourglass figure.  This option is also great for making a dress fit in the waist if it was a little small, plus you can wear your corset with other garments for years to come!

Overbust for Support Under Your Gown

If you are looking at a gown that is strapless, or wear a C-cup or larger, an overbust corset worn under your gown will provide the support that you need.  Ensuring that nothing pops out or sags, while simultaneously giving you a smaller waist, an overbust corset will give you the confidence you need!

Overbust as Your Bodice

Corsets are very much in vogue, and wearing one as the bodice of your wedding ensemble makes a statement of sophistication, elegance, and class.  

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Since your attire will be the focus of your wedding pictures, why not have Enchanted make your whole ensemble?  A custom overbust corset and matching skirt can run as little as $1200 (plus fabric).  Whether you want a full skirt, train, A-line, or something a little more modern, Enchanted can make it look exactly as you envision it, giving you a couture wedding at a very modest price.

Photos by Jamie Bosworth
Veil by August Veils
Floral by Francoise Weeks
Makeup and hair by 77 Salon

Enchanted Bridal Ensembes
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