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Custom Prom Dress ensemble of blue silk with matching corset, skirt, and beaded wrap
Bespoke wedding gown ensemble by Enchanted Custom Corsets

Enchanted Bespoke Fashions

"In a world of 'Instant', 'Now', and 'On Demand', it is nice to find an establishment like Enchanted that follows 'Old World' techniques, aesthetics, and craftswomanship... in the true tradition of Haute Couture."

~ Shelley

"Lisa Marie was very flexible and resourceful in making my vision a reality. I came to her with oddly-sized pieces of fabric and she made an absolutely wonderful gown for me.... I would highly recommend working with Enchanted Corsets... nothing from a store will come anywhere close to the quality and fit that you will get from Enchanted."


"Prior to... Enchanted, I had NO IDEA how clothes should fit!! Now I have a beautiful corset that fits perfectly and a gorgeous skirt that get me compliments everywhere I go. Not only did she do beautiful work, she put endless effort into making sure it was exactly what I wanted, even though I chose tricky fabric and had a really fuzzy image at the start of the project. I would (and do) recommend Enchanted for all of your custom apparel needs."


~ Heather

"I worked with Lisa Marie and asked her to completely stun me - no limits on fabrics, trim, or colors. She designed and created an absolutely gorgeous lace overlay, one-of-a-kind corset. The unveiling of my corset took my breath away....
In this world of poorly constructed clothing designed and sewn by those with little regard for quality or what the customer needs, Enchanted is, indeed, a rare jewel."

~ Melissa 

"You went above and beyond to help me turn the random musings and whimsy in my mind into something tangible and awesome. Fantastic fit and incredible workmanship; this is something I will treasure for years to come.... A million thanks for being unbelievably creative and wonderful to work with."

~ Jessica

"I wanted something worthy of the occasion - for once in my life, to have something that would fit and flatter my unique shape.  

Enchanted provided all of these things, within my budget, and in less time than is usually required to get... other dresses even altered!  Lisa Marie was right on time for everything, figured out the design I wanted... from my not-so-precise mental meanderings, and the skirt moved like a dream...."

~ Holly

Enchanted not only makes fabulous corsets, but can design and create that special ensemble that you just can't find off the rack.  Your creativity can finally reach fruition!

If you have an idea for a special event, costume, or historical recreation - or all of the above - Enchanted can make your fantasy a reality.  All you need is a photograph or drawing of the idea, plus a verbal description of what you, personally, would like to see in your version.  As with Enchanted corsets, you get to go play at the fabric store and pick your fabric, embellishments, etcetera.  A basic mock-up of the garment is first constructed, then the pattern altered to fit your specific shape.  Never again arrive to find someone else wearing the same outfit!

Enchanted can also re-create that favorite old skirt, top, or coat that is simply beyond repair!  If you own a garment that is not made anymore, you can't find it in the stores, and is slipping towards the grave, do not despair!  Contact Enchanted to resurrect and let your favorite wardrobe staple live again!  It will fit the same (or better, if you you have anything you would like improved), and you can even pick the fabric and color. 

Enchanted Custom Clothing Client Reviews

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