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When shopping for a custom corset, please note that what many other corset companies consider "upgrades" and therefore additional costs, are standard and included with all Enchanted Custom Corsets.  Examples: modesty panels front and back, smooth coutil interiors, concealed waist tape, "extra boning," and reinforced busk. Lisa Marie believes that these are essential components of any quality corset.

Below is a general price guide for Enchanted products.  Deposits are required at the time of measurements, in the amount of 1/3 the estimated price of the finished garment, with the remaining payments being 1/3 at the time of fitting and delivery, respectively.  Since you get to pick your fabric - and fabric prices vary widely - the prices below do not reflect the cost of outer fabric or any other materials not mentioned in "Inside an Enchanted Corset."  

Enchanted corsets fall into two categories: 

  • Fully custom overbust corsets start at $650.

  • Fully custom underbust corsets start at $550.

The above prices include all the essential features mentioned in "Inside an Enchanted Corset."  A corset generally requires about a yard of fabric, more if you have a pattern that you would like matched up across the front.


Extras refer to basically anything that requires additional materials/drafting/finagling of persnickety fabrics and therefore, additional time.  Extras are priced as follows:

  • Coutil outer layer with extra reinforcement - recommended for waist training, back or full bust support: $160

  • Natural waist of over 42": $100 

  • Natural waist of over 50": $200

  • Asymmetric corset: $150

  • Flat satin, super sturdy and still pretty cord lacing: $75

  • Garters: $25/pair 

  • Contrast boning overlay: $100

  • Rush order (less than two weeks): $400

  • Rush order (less than 1 month): $200

  • Long distance (fittings/deliveries by mail): $200 

  • If you need assistance picking out the perfect fabric and live in the Portland area, Lisa Marie can accompany you to one of the fabulous local fabric stores for a $50/hour consultation fee.

  • The Unlimited Bridal Consultation Package: $250

  • Enchanted does not currently work with velvet, leather, suede, or vinyl.  

Enchanted overbust corset, photography by Peekaboo Portland

Custom Garment Pricing


Enchanted Custom Clothing Price page separator

How long a garment takes is dependent on how elaborate it is - if you want lace and ruffles and shirring and gathers and swags and skin tight and velvet, well, you are looking at a very expensive garment. A budget with top and bottom limits will be established in writing before we get started. 

All Enchanted garments are designed and constructed by Lisa Marie, a skilled seamstress, and perfectionist to boot.  They are MADE IN THE USA. Your buttons will not pop off, your skirt will come to where you want it, your sleeves will be the length YOU consider to be long enough, and whatever you order will be made out of fabric that you like instead of some chintzy stuff that you can just tolerate.  Your garment will fit!  No one else will have it, and you will feel and look like you own wherever you go.  Now, start your journey and contact Enchanted today!

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