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In the Words of Enchanted Customers:

"For 24/7 tightlacing, a high quality made to fit corset is imperative to both comfort and health. These are the only corsets I trust for my daily use." (read full testimonial)

~ Nostalgia (pictured)

"I have worn seven custom-made corsets in my 12 years of tight lacing, and the two made by Enchanted Corsets are by far the best. In fact, there is really no comparison - Lisa Marie’s corsets fit far better, reflecting not only her skill but the time she takes to create a mock up and make the necessary adjustments.  This professional approach results in a waist training corset which fits wonderfully from day one...." (read full testimonial)


"After a brief conversation with Lisa Marie, I was able to gain much insight in regards to corset training and tight lacing.  She promptly addressed all of my questions and concerns, as well as helped me set goals and timelines....  On the day I picked up my corset, I was pleased to find a detailed tutorial from Lisa Marie....  It fits like a dream, is well made, and has meticulous attention to detail - a work of art!" (read full testimonial)


Waist Training

Waist Training

Enchanted waist training corset

Waist training is a process whereby the muscles on the sides of your body, from the lower ribs to the hips, are slowly retrained into a different, smaller shape.  In some cases, the lower (floating) ribs may also shift up and in.  Over time, one can expect to reduce one's natural, uncorseted waistline by two to six inches, depending on body type and age.

Waist training requires that the wearer be patient and wear the corset on a regular basis and for extended periods.  It varies from person to person exactly what that "extended period" is, but a minimum of four hours per day is advised.  Some people do wear their corset in excess of 12 hours/day, but caution is advised!  Always loosen or remove your corset if you are in pain, lose feeling or sensation anywhere, are short of breath, or experience changes in your skin. 

Make sure to engage in daily core strengthening exercises to prevent atrophy of your abdominal and spinal muscles.  Time expected for results varies from six months to a year, depending on fat distribution, underlying musculature, age, and sex.

If you are interested in waist training, you should expect to buy at least two corsets - if you rotate them, you can wear one while the other dries after washing (see Corset Care), and it extends the life expectancy of the garment.  Waist training is not permanent - over time, without the continued use of the corset, gravity will have the last word, and muscles and ribs will return to (approximately) their original position.

Read a bit more on waist training here.

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