Answer Some Questions to Get Started!

Interested in a custom corset or other garment? Please take time to answer the following questions to ensure that we are starting out on the same page.

Please describe what kind of corset/garment you are interested in:

(i.e., overbust or underbust corset, any extras (see Corset Pricing), skirt, coat, circus tent, etcetera)

* Have you ever worn a corset before?
* What is your natural waist size?
Will you need assistance choosing fabric? (Service available to Portland area customers only)
* Do you live in the Portland, Oregon area?

How did you find Enchanted? (If internet search, if you remember the search words, that would be super helpful!)

The Enchanted Privacy Policy

  • The information that you give to me will NEVER, EVER be shared with anyone else, unless someone's cat has learned to read and type.

  • A phone number is requested because appointments and most questions can be addressed much more efficiently by phone, and because sitting at a computer is hard on your back.

  • The requested information is to give some background so that nobody's time is wasted asking a bunch of questions while you are on your lunch break or, heaven forbid, by email.

  • Please give some thought to your description of what kind of garment you are interested in.  Possible things to include are:

  1. Whether this is for a special occasion or daily wear

  2. Any goals you might have for your corset/garment (i.e. waist reduction, back support, or general cool factor)

  3. A specific look you are going for, color scheme, whether you want garters or any other bells and whistles. 

If you are interested in a garment other than a corset, hate forms, or have a bunch of *specific* questions to ask that haven't been answered in this site, please feel free to email your questions to:

Lisa Marie at

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