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Corsetry for Back Support and Other Health Benefits

It's a common misconception that corsets are bad for your health (read about corset myths in our FAQ). While this is true of poorly constructed, ill-fitting, and off-the-rack corsets, many first-time wearers of well-made, custom corsets are surprised by the unexpected comfort and wide-ranging health benefits. And many clients seek out Enchanted Custom Corsets specifically for therapeutic purposes - some, at the advice of their doctors. Best of all, unlike those unattractive, bulky, and cumbersome medical corsets carried in medical supply stores, every Enchanted corset is designed to your specific measurements, and created to not only be beautiful, but to make you feel beautiful as well. Just because you need a little extra support doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your sense of style! Even a back support corset from Enchanted can be worn as a stealthing corset, completely invisible beneath your clothing!

Enchanted Custom Corset back view

Scroll down to read first hand accounts of profound healing benefits experienced by wearers of Enchanted Custom Corsets. And if you're considering a medical corset for your own health, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor before you contact Enchanted Custom Corsets.

medical corset model - Enchanted Custom Corsets

"After having five babies, my left SI (sacroiliac) joint was overly mobile and resulted in daily excruciating pain.  I also had a large abdominal muscle separation (rectus diastasis), leaving my back weak and unable to compensate for the hip instability.


A friend of mine had surgery to rejoin her muscles, but after wearing my first Enchanted corset for about six weeks I noticed that the huge gap had closed! 


I don't know how much the surgery cost, but my corset certainly saved me a bundle and all the time and pain of a surgical repair.  My corset gives me such stability and gorgeous posture that my back problems are greatly diminished, only recurring if I do too much without wearing it."  (read full testimonial)

~ Justine

"In 2008, I had a full spinal fusion procedure, excluding only my neck. At the time of the surgery, my physicians were not aware that even though they corrected my spine, my ribcage was going to continue to expand into an oblong shape. Nine years later, I would soon be unable to fully to inflate my right lung, and I had pain running down my right arm as my nerves were drawn tight around my warped rib cage.  My doctor said that current rib support braces are not very effective for women as they do not accommodate the breasts. He suggested that a modern corset might offer the support I need, and hence I found Lisa Marie of Enchanted Corsets.  


Lisa Marie was incredibly knowledgable and designed a piece that was supportive in all the right ways. The first few days of wearing my attractive black brocade corset were a little uncomfortable, as I wasn’t used to wearing such a form fitting garment.  However, since the initial break in period, I feel far better than I have in years. The nerve problems are almost entirely gone and the support to my ribcage has prevented it from further warping, even resulting in some correction to my alignment.


I now wear my corset three to four days a week and feel much more confident about the future of my physical body. I highly recommend Lisa Marie as a designer, as well as a source for possible spinal support corsets."


~ Bailey

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